About us

A group of key players in the world-wide nvSRAM business decided at the end of 2008 to set up their own company in Dresden in order to take advantage of the pool of talented engineers and the outstanding semiconductor infrastructure in the Silicon Saxony region. On January 13th 2009, Anvo-Systems Dresden was founded as a privately held company (GmbH) with the vision to set new performance standards to the nvSRAM world.
A strategic cooperation with XFAB Semiconductor Foundries AG ensures access to advanced CMOS technologies.

Anvo-Systems Dresden specializes in highly reliable, monolithic non-volatile data storage system solutions in industrial and communication environments. Based on our own technology development we build standard non-volatile memory products and provide intellectual properties (IP) to our customers.

The target of Anvo-Systems Dresden is to become market leader for extremely energy efficient, non-volatile system solutions on the European market, with perspectives for global expansion and a pioneer for embedded nvSRAM solutions.