Press Releases

Anvo-Systems Dresden präsentiert SPI nvSRAM für den Automotive-Temperaturbereich (german)
Anvo-Systems Dresden Presents SPI nvSRAM for the Automotive Temperature Range (english)

Anvo-Systems Dresden stellt 64 Kb Serial I²C nvSRAM für den erweiterten Temperaturbereich vor (german)
Anvo-Systems Dresden Presents 64Kb Serial I²C nvSRAM for the Extended Temperature Range (english)

Anvo-Systems Dresden und Mouser Electronics schließen eine Distributionsvereinbarung (german)
Anvo-Systems Dresden and Mouser Electronics Sign Distribution Agreement (english)

Anvo-Systems Dresden ernnent neuen Sales Manager Europe (german)
Anvo-Systems Dresden appoints new Sales Manager Europe (english)

Anvo-Systems Dresden stärkt Marktpräsenz mit neuem Distributor ViMOS Technologies (german)
Anvo-Systems Dresden strengthens its market presence with the appointment of ViMOS Technologies as new distributor (english)

Anvo-Systems Dresden GmbH schließt Distributionsvereinbarung mit All Tech Electronics, USA (german)
Anvo-Systems Dresden GmbH signs distribution agreement with All Tech Electronics, United States (english)

Anvo-Systems Dresden bemustert 256k nvSRAMs für erweiterten Temperaturbereich bis 125 °C (german)
Anvo-Systems Dresden samples 256k nvSRAMs for extended temp. ranges up to 125 °C (english)

embedded world 2017: Anvo-Systems Dresden ist Co-Aussteller bei DACOM West (german)
embedded world 2017: Anvo-Systems Dresden is co-exhibitor of DACOM West (english)

Anvo-Systems Dresden stellt schnelles 1 Mbit Quad SPI nvSRAM im kompakten 24 Ball BGA-Gehäuse vor (german)
Anvo-Systems Dresden presents fast 1 Mb Quad SPI nvSRAM in a compact 24 Ball BGA package (english)

ANVO Systems Dresden GmbH adds 2 new Distributors in Central Europe and 1 new Rep Company in the US

To increase market penetration and customer support capabilities Anvo Systems is expanding it´s distribution network in Central Europe.
SIMOS Elektronik Vertriebs GmbH in Dachau (Munich area) and DACOM West GmbH in Haan (Duesseldorf area).
SIMOS and DACOM West are spezialized semiconductor distributors with  strong capabilities to support customers commercially and technically.

Anvo Systems has also added CTA (Concord Technical Alliance) a manufacturer representative to cover the southeastern U.S.  (Al, Tenn, NC, SC, Ga and Miss).  CTA brings experience and technical competence that will increase our U.S.  presence and sales efforts.

„We are excited to welcome our new sales partners in our international sales and distribution network.“ explains Dr. Stefan Günther, Managing Director of ANVO Systems Dresden GmbH.
„Our new partners will be instrumental in helping us to improve customer proximity and support in order to help us in our rapidly expanding business while increasing customer satisfaction.“

Anvo-Systems Dresden expands it´s Sales Presence into US Market.

Anvo-Systems Dresden presents 1 Mb serial SPI nvSRAM with 66 MHz.

Anvo-Systems Dresden at Job Fair KarriereStart 2015 - Chances for Students and Engineers.

Anvo-Systems Dresden and Sofics successfully cooperated to reach ESD-protection of 4kV HBM for the newest generation of non-volatile SRAM.

Anvo-Systems-Dresden cooperating with Fraunhofer Center Nanoelectronic Technologies (CNT) and NamLab gGmbH on a new research project to develop a new generation of nonvolatile memories.

X-FAB and Anvo-Systems Dresden cooperate to provide High-Speed Non-Volatile Memory Solutions