Anvo-Systems Dresden non-volatile SRAM

With the ever growing penetration of microelectronic systems into all areas of our private and work environment safety, security and low power become key features for system performance. Our nvSRAMs are ideal solutions to address those targets in micro­electronic systems – whether as stand-alone memories or as IP-blocks in systems-on-chips.

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low power standard base line technology

Our monolithic non-volatile memory solutions combine standard interface data storage with high speed, fast recovery, high reliability, safety, and extreme energy efficiency. By monitoring supply-voltage and offering a wide range of safety features to support volatile and non-volatile data transfer we enable system simplification in many applications.

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standard serial nvSRAM
64Kb256Kb512Kb and    1Mb

parallel nvSRAM
256Kb and    1M



Anvo-Systems Dresden extends its nvSRAM product last time buy until June 30st 2021. 


Anvo-Systems Dresden discontinue its nvSRAM product line until December 31st 2020.  Orders will be accepted until September 30th 2020.

Anvo-Systems Dresden Presents SPI nvSRAM for the Automotive Temperature Range. See more in our press releases.

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