As a fabless semiconductor company, Anvo-System Dresden provides fast non-volatile data storage system solutions for industrial and communication environments. Our company develops standard products and intellectual properties for a variety of markets throughout the world. Our products are dedicated to address the needs of the following markets:

Industrial Control

  • Transaction logs for CNC and robotics
  • Parameter logs for process control
  • Touch screen control panels

Smart Grid

  • Secure logging of consumption data
  • In field updates of features and pay scale tables


  • Reliable data log in sensitive mobile applications
  • Reliable storage of Equipment configuration data


  • Secure logging of sensitive data in mobile applications


  • Transaction log memory for RAID
  • FAT for solid State Drives (SSD)
  • Buffer memory for printer


Our nvSRAMs are the memory of choice in all emerging applications where just a little and unstable energy is available but data have to be stored reliably.